How To Heal The Kids Scrapes And Cuts Super Fast?

My kids are very active and it’s almost a daily occurrence that they bump into something or scrape themselves some way.

Not long ago we had an accident in the Queens Park play area. I was very lucky that I had a LH+ spray at home because my son scraped his bum badly. He ended up with a large red patch, without skin, which was very painful.

I used this all natural, chemical free, gentle spray once or twice a day, the patch become smaller and smaller and in about 3 days, new skin formed and soon it was fully healed.

I have used this spray successfully on other occasions as well, on cuts and scrapes, insect bites and oil burns.

Although kids are very resilient and naturally heal much faster than their parents, soothing their wounds and scrapes will help the healing process.

An other natural remedy I know of is calendula cream. The ready-made creams usually contain phenoxyethanol as preservative. You can buy one from Iherb or for a preservative free version – you can make it yourself. You can find a simple recipe at


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