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Erase Wrinkles By Switching to a Non-toxic Gel

By Etelka Koshemakin / September 25, 2018

A few years ago there was an amazing health-science and anti-aging breakthrough. A new understanding was gained about how our body restores itself and now we can boost our body’s own healing process. We can rejuvenate our skin on a cellular level.


We Want To Look Nice, But What Is The Price?

By Etelka Koshemakin / August 8, 2016

I used to wondered what are those strangely named ingredients in the shower gel, shampoo, hand wash, toothpaste, hand creams and lotions etc. I did not carry a dictionary with me for shopping, and once I have purchased a beauty product, I did not care anymore. I have trusted that the beauty industry is not all […]


How To Grow Beautiful Nails?

By Etelka Koshemakin / August 4, 2016

I asked a friend of mine, who is a nail expert to give me some tips and information on how to improve the look of my nails. I think it worth to share. The nails are not just ornaments of the hands but they provide protection by defending the ends of the fingers from potential […]