Aging Symptoms After 40

By Etelka Koshemakin / August 8, 2018

I have read an article on titled “40 Ways Your Body Changes After 40 “- the good, the bad and the unavoidable.

This post is an extensive collection of aging symptoms with some good suggestions on how to lessen them.  But it appears that they have no idea what causes them at large.

Why do we experience any of these symptoms at all?

What is the one underpinning change that occurs as we age?


Aging Symptoms

Let’s start with a short overview of the aging symptoms, although I will not mention all 40 of them. If you want to read them all click here to read the the article. The main aging symptoms are:

  • Wrinkles become more pronounced and the article states its due to aging and wear and tear.


  • Hair starts to grow in weird places and both man and woman are allegedly will be prone to this. In the same time we might start to lose hair and especially man start balding. No exact reason mentioned – neither any solutions.


  • You experience more aches and pains and the articles states that wear and tear on the body is cumulative. This  is true, but I don’t think this is the full or real reason. Let’s not forget that our kids push their bodies like no tomorrow and experiencing plenty of tear and wear, BUT their body recovers and regenerates much faster. WHY? The articles states, that Scientist not certain why it takes longer to bounce back from injury as we are getting older.

Now this statement is incorrect. Those scientists who have been involved in a certain health-science and anti-aging and sport-performance discovery, now know why it is. Although most  scientist and Doctors don’t know about it yet. The information about this breakthrough discovery is available for everyone, and if you would like to read about it, click here.

  • Apparently after 40 you sleep less, and the quality of sleep also declines. THIS is certainly not true for me. I can sleep like a baby. Mind due it might just be one of the many positive effects of the supplement I’m taking.


  • The article also states that it becomes harder to lose weight. I disagree with that, I strongly believe that if we provide proper nutrition to our body and don’t forget to exercise regularly, losing weight shouldn’t be any harder than at a younger age.


  • At around mid-30 early 40 we start to have more grey hair. By simple observation it holds true, but the real cause is not our age, but mineral deficiency. Keeping a diet high in copper, iron and B vitamins can help to lessen graying. In fact, I have somewhat less grays now in my hair than 3 years ago.


  • For us ladies, the forecast is that we will experience all kinds of perimenopause symptoms, for example migraines. But I think these are also avoidable and so far, I don’t have any of them. This article doesn’t mention it but having enough vitamin D for us ladies is crucial. If you want to know what else I’m taking to prevent those unwanted symptoms, let me know.


Our body is breaking down


At around 40 we start to notice aging symptoms which are the tell tales that our body is breaking down. It doesn’t start when we are 40, it is accumulating from younger age and it is the result of oxidative stress. What factors cause oxidative stress?

Bad diet, toxins we are exposed to in our environment, stress, even heavy exercise is hard on the body and contribute to it’s breaking down.

You might not be aware, but there are many toxic substances are in the average body care products. For example Sodium Laurel Sulphate in shampoos, body wash, dish washing liquid, Polyethilene glycol or PEG is the basis of many skin creams and these act as pseudo-estrogens in our body, and these can cause oxidative stress.

If you would you like to get my list of toxins free body-care brands, please let me know in a comment.


The Good News

After facing what is to come, you might ask, what can I do about it?

Can aging be prevented or at least slowed down?

What is the underpinning change?

While we certainly can’t turn back time, there is a way to slow down aging by supplementing redox-molecules.

The advantage of helping our body with supplementing the diminishing amount of redox-molecules as we age, we enable it to  become youthful and energetic again. We help our body to get rid of the aches and pains by itself, smooth out wrinkles and more.

Discover how you too, can erase the signs of aging here.

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