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“Why Would I Need Mineral Supplements?”


Most of us are very health conscious mums and are already doing the right thing, cooking with lots of veggies and giving fresh, green salads for the family. So you might ask yourself  ‘I eat healthy, why would I need mineral supplements’?

Here is the answer:

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Life In Essence Is Learning


It never stops amazing me how much a baby or a child learns in one short year.

Make no mistakes, mum is learning with him or her. Maybe not that fast, but she is forced by life to learn the meaning of her baby’s cries and read his or her many signs.

When the child is playing, she is actually learning. Learning how to touch, learning how to balance herself or an object, learning from the different sinarios she is playing out.

I have noticed that children LOVE to discover new things, LOVE adventures, LOVE to learn, LOVE to play and as long as they are permitted to progress in their own peace, they keep the love of learning.

It’s only us, adoults who sort of lost our sence of fun about learning. Yet as mother and as an adoult, we are learning too, every day. But some people, as they get older and older, think they can’t learn anymore. This is just not true. One learns something new every day, but he or she has to notice it first. If I were to ask you, what did you learn today, I’m sure you could name a thing or two.

Every day is filled with opportunities to learn something new! Life is all about learning. The quality of our life shows how good student of life are we.

How Did We Manage A Very Long Road Trip With Two Young Kids?


We’ve been living in Western Australia but had a dream to move to Queensland.

The first opportunity came two months ago and we have moved over.

My daughter is 4 years old and my son was 2,5 at the time.

We have decided, that instead of flying the half of the family to Brisbane, we all going for the long ride with daddy. It took 5 days to reach our final destination: Toowoomba city in Queensland.

We knew that this trip will take about 5 days, and I took special preparations to have enough entertainment for the kids. Our portable video player broke a few months earlier so watching DVD with them wasn’t an option. I have searched for and found some good ideas.

Packed a few picture books, their toy cars, teddy bears, Angie’s doll. I bought two coloring books and color pencils, I found a sticky foam, do it yourself, zoo picture, and two wooden puzzle set, one with the ABC and one for the numbers. The wooden puzzles were a hit. They both loved them.

They especially enjoyed to take the puzzles apart to do it again, once every piece were in place.


Whenever we have stopped for lunch at a place that had a playground, we give our kids a half an hour to enjoy playing outside and move their bodies.

When we were out of the city, we laid down the back raw and created a large playpen in the boot of our Ford Escape. They were able to play or sleep if they wanted to. This is a choice we made to make the trip easier on them.

Apples and nuts came very handy, so we got new supplies whenever we could. Water is paramount, and if I could go back in time, I would make sure that we have a large supply of bottled water, as it is very expensive to buy at the gas stations.

My hubby had the great idea to put the potty in the car in case of emergency, and sure it was a life saver a few times when we couldn’t stop right away.

How frequently or for how long you want to stop depends on how fast you want to get where you going to and how frequently a sudden need arise. But travelling with kids will take a lot more stops even if these are short.

I hope you can pick out some ideas to make your travel as much fun as possible.

by Etelka Koshemakin

Catch Them When They Are Good


Self confidence is important not just for ourselves as mum, but this is what we want to nurture in our kids.

How can we do this effectively?

I was listening some TED talks the other night about self confidence. I have especially liked “The skill of self confidence” by Dr. Ivan Joseph because he gave the answer to my question.


The tip from his video is great. We have to catch our kids when they do something good and acknowledge them, instead of criticizing them when they did something wrong. Heck, this will work with everyone else too. We can improve any community by focusing on the good things and reinforcing what is good instead of pulling down others for the thing they have failed in.



Vaccination – The Other Side Of The Coin


Vaccination is a very controversial topic in these days. The funny thing is that pro-vaccination moms and

anti-vaccination moms have one thing in common: they want the best for their children.

In my opinion, the only way to make an informed decision weather or not vaccinate one’s child

is to be willing to listen not only what our government and Big Pharma wants us to know about the safety and

effectiveness of vaccination, but listen to those doctors and healthcare professionals, who has insight and

revealing information that we can’t normally access ourselves.

It is especially important, because we and our kids are individuals and the “one size fits all” solutions can negatively

effect our health. Once we collected enough data from both sides, we can decide what is the greater good and

the least harm, what is true and what is the best solution to our family.

What are your thoughts about this? Please feel free to comment.