Vaccination – The Other Side Of The Coin

Vaccination is a very controversial topic in these days. The funny thing is that pro-vaccination moms and

anti-vaccination moms have one thing in common: they want the best for their children.

In my opinion, the only way to make an informed decision weather or not vaccinate one’s child

is to be willing to listen not only what our government and Big Pharma wants us to know about the safety and

effectiveness of vaccination, but listen to those doctors and healthcare professionals, who has insight and

revealing information that we can’t normally access ourselves.

It is especially important, because we and our kids are individuals and the “one size fits all” solutions can negatively

effect our health. Once we collected enough data from both sides, we can decide what is the greater good and

the least harm, what is true and what is the best solution to our family.

What are your thoughts about this? Please feel free to comment.

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Etelka Koshemakin

I'm Etelka Koshemakin - a mother of two wonderful children, a wife, a healthy lifestyle enthusiastic, and a business woman. Through my blog posts I aim to inspire other mums to discover their inner genius, set it free to create a healthy, balanced and fun life for their family. Connect with me to get awesome tips and videos.

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