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Which Foods Are Healthy?


I think you will agree that there is a lot of confusing information about healthy foods.

There are many different contradicting advice on the internet. How do you know which is correct?

The best person to determine which food is healthy for you is YOU.

Are your favorite meals making you feel tired or bloated? Than you probably need to change what you eat.

Do you feel good after eating and you have a lot of energy? Than you are eating the right thing.

My idea about a healthy meal is one that contains most, if not all the essential nutrients the body needs.

Consider this: there are over 80 essential nutrients like essential minerals, trace-minerals, essential vitamins and essential amino-acids.

They are named essential because although these are needed for the body, it cannot produce these, but relies on getting them from food.

There is not one single type of vegetable or fruit that would contain all the essential nutrients, thus the more fruit and vegetables you consume the higher the chance that you are giving your body all the nutrients it needs.

Highly processed foods are void of nutrients. The best way to control what nutrients goes in to your body is making your own nutritious meal.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as the body needs a lot of fluid daily.

Coffee dehydrates. If you are a coffee lover, like me, try to change your morning coffee for a green drink or lemonade and reduce your daily coffee amount.

Most important thing however is to listen to your body. It sends you its signals, and only you can decode them.

How To Stay Healthy in The Flu Season?


Is it possible to stay healthy in the flu season without flu-shot?

What is the best way to prevent becoming ill?

Mums have a tendency to become concerned about the health and well-being of their children.

I’m not an exception either. But to be honest, I think that if my children’s immune system is weak

than the flue-shot will not prevent the flu.

What can we do to keep our immune system strong?

First, make sure that no junk food creeps up the menu. No sweet treats either or if

want to make some, use Stevia instead of sugar in the recipe.

I have observed on my kids, that anytime they have pigged out on chocolate or lollies (for example

at Easter time), they fall ill within a few days. Lollies and the like has zero nutrition the body needs

more essential nutrients to just move these out of the body.

It is not easy to provide all essential minerals, trace-minerals and micro-nutrients we need in one meal.

But with lots of vegetables and a top quality bio-available mineral supplement we can assist the immune system to stay strong.

I believe that we don’t need better defense than what mother nature has equipped us with.

We just need to learn how to properly maintain our immune system the natural way.

Our body is able to protect itself, regenerate itself, and to heal itself if the proper nutrients are supplied.

It needs essential minerals to this process not the sample of the virus it may encounter with in the flu season.

If your life is too hectic and there is no time to prepare proper meals you can of course give a shot to the

flu-shot to protect you and your family.



Searching For A New Rental Home?


The house we leave in is our home. Not only it’s weekly rental price, but it’s look and feel is affecting us whether we like it or not. Let’s not forget about the energy bills associated with it either!

A cheap rental house may come with a large energy bill, especially at winter. If that cheap old house is not energy efficient, you might end up with living expenses almost as high as if you would be living in a more expensive, but nicer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient house.

Therefore it is a wise thing to ask the rental agent some questions before applying for a particular rental home.

How much LPG is used by that continuous gas hot water system and how much it cost in a month?

What was the average quarterly electricity bill in the past year?

Is that pretty wood heater in the living room able to warm up the bedrooms as well at winter?

Is the house insulated?

When you inspect the house, look up to the roof, and see if the gutter is clean or full of leaves and sticks.

Are there mold marks on the ceiling or the wall? Is the tap dripping? The owner has the responsibility to maintain the house. If there are signs of neglect you can detect when you are inspecting the house, and you get no reassurance from the real-estate agent that those will be fixed before you move in, that tells you something about the owner.

Remember, you start renting on an as-is basis so look around very well and don’t rent it out if you don’t feel 100% good about that rental house.