Searching For A New Rental Home?

By Etelka Koshemakin / November 1, 2017

The house we leave in is our home. Not only it’s weekly rental price, but it’s look and feel is affecting us whether we like it or not. Let’s not forget about the energy bills associated with it either!

A cheap rental house may come with a large energy bill, especially at winter. If that cheap old house is not energy efficient, you might end up with living expenses almost as high as if you would be living in a more expensive, but nicer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient house.

Therefore it is a wise thing to ask the rental agent some questions before applying for a particular rental home.

How much LPG is used by that continuous gas hot water system and how much it cost in a month?

What was the average quarterly electricity bill in the past year?

Is that pretty wood heater in the living room able to warm up the bedrooms as well at winter?

Is the house insulated?

When you inspect the house, look up to the roof, and see if the gutter is clean or full of leaves and sticks.

Are there mold marks on the ceiling or the wall? Is the tap dripping? The owner has the responsibility to maintain the house. If there are signs of neglect you can detect when you are inspecting the house, and you get no reassurance from the real-estate agent that those will be fixed before you move in, that tells you something about the owner.

Remember, you start renting on an as-is basis so look around very well and don’t rent it out if you don’t feel 100% good about that rental house.


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