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I'm Etelka Koshemakin - a mother of two wonderful children, a wife, a healthy lifestyle enthusiastic, and a business woman. Through my blog posts I aim to inspire other mums to discover their inner genius, set it free to create a healthy, balanced and fun life for their family. Connect with me to get awesome tips and videos.


Teething – Caring For Those Baby Teeth

By Etelka Koshemakin / December 18, 2017

When your child begins getting their first teeth, they may experience some pain. Typically, a baby seems irritable and anxious. They require their parent’s comfort through this difficult time in life. It can be very confusing to experience pain without understanding why. It allows you to become more aware of the symptoms of natural teething […]


Which Foods Are Healthy?

By Etelka Koshemakin / November 20, 2017

I think you will agree that there is a lot of confusing information about healthy foods. There are many different contradicting advice on the internet. How do you know which is correct? The best person to determine which food is healthy for you is YOU. Are your favorite meals making you feel tired or bloated? […]


How To Stay Healthy in The Flu Season?

By Etelka Koshemakin / November 9, 2017

Is it possible to stay healthy in the flu season without flu-shot? What is the best way to prevent becoming ill? Mums have a tendency to become concerned about the health and well-being of their children. I’m not an exception either. But to be honest, I think that if my children’s immune system is weak […]


Searching For A New Rental Home?

By Etelka Koshemakin / November 1, 2017

The house we leave in is our home. Not only it’s weekly rental price, but it’s look and feel is affecting us whether we like it or not. Let’s not forget about the energy bills associated with it either! A cheap rental house may come with a large energy bill, especially at winter. If that […]


The Keys To Stay Healthy

By Etelka Koshemakin / October 7, 2017

I’m all for preventing illnesses rather than taking medications when already in trouble. When I have learnt about the information Dr. David Ewans presents in his video about mineral deficiencies, I felt I have to share it, as this something all of us need to know. To put it simply, if we have adequate essential […]


How To Heal The Kids Scrapes And Cuts Super Fast?

By Etelka Koshemakin / July 1, 2017

My kids are very active and it’s almost a daily occurrence that they bump into something or scrape themselves some way. Not long ago we had an accident in the Queens Park play area. I was very lucky that I had a LH+ spray at home because my son scraped his bum badly. He ended […]


“Why Would I Need Mineral Supplements?”

By Etelka Koshemakin / May 5, 2017

Most of us are very health conscious mums and are already doing the right thing, cooking with lots of veggies and giving fresh, green salads for the family. So you might ask yourself  ‘I eat healthy, why would I need mineral supplements’? Here is the answer: Join my Facebook Group, The Gift of Health, Australia to discover […]


Life In Essence Is Learning

By Etelka Koshemakin / August 12, 2016

It never stops amazing me how much a baby or a child learns in one short year. Make no mistakes, mum is learning with him or her. Maybe not that fast, but she is forced by life to learn the meaning of her baby’s cries and read his or her many signs. When the child […]


We Want To Look Nice, But What Is The Price?

By Etelka Koshemakin / August 8, 2016

I used to wondered what are those strangely named ingredients in the shower gel, shampoo, hand wash, toothpaste, hand creams and lotions etc. I did not carry a dictionary with me for shopping, and once I have purchased a beauty product, I did not care anymore. I have trusted that the beauty industry is not all […]


Good Things Are Happening Every Day

By Etelka Koshemakin / August 4, 2016

There are countless things around us each and every day that we could be happy about, if we just notice them. The smile of your children, their first achievement in something, the fact that you have a smart husband, exactly that kind of a man you always wished for. The lunch or dinner you’ve cooked […]

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