How To Night Time Toilet Train?

So once your child knows day time toilet training, night time training is easy right?

For my daughter Amelia aged 3 we have had fully taken away nappies and pull ups and went head into day and night training at the same time because when we asked her why she wasn’t using the toilet she answered ‘because I don’t want to’. Amelia was getting lazy or too busy in what she was doing.

Now we have gone into day and night training at the same time, we are finding it a lot easier. We usually have no accidents during the day now and at night I put a huggies bed mat on her bed just in case she has an accident so I am not changing her bed sheets every night. During the night they need to learn how to use the toilet so I wake my daughter up before I go to bed and take her to the toilet 9 times out of 10 she goes to the toilet.

Toilet training can be a tricky task and some kids are scared of the toilet. My stepson was a lot is easier to toilet train then my daughter, that just shows you that every child is different.

Also remember to cheer your child on and tell them good job for using the toilet.

At the start of toilet training reward charts or reward systems worked for myself. She got a sticker each time she went then it was treats like quality time with mum if she used the toilet.

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Kathleen Walters

Kathleen is a mum to her beautiful daughter Amelia and her stepson Blaire. Kathleen works full-time, runs a health business and still is studying night school to further her studies. Kathleen is a believer that anything is possible and is showing her kids to follow their dreams. Kathleen is ready to go for her goals in life and ready to help any mum to do the same.

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