How To Work Out With Kids?

daughter in bike trailerDo you find that after kids you have trouble working out?

I am going to share with you how I a mum of 2 work out in my spare time or with the kids!

In the morning I find is the best time to work out for myself.  I wake up and drink

one cup of warm lemon water before I eat any breakfast and do fasted cardio.

Don’t make it boring mix it up!

With me it just depends if the kids are awake or not.

When I have the kids up I put them in the bike trailer and go for a ride, being my kids

are 3 and 4 the weight adds up and is perfect cardio riding up and down hills and very tiring.

If my kids aren’t awake even better! I go for a walk, jog or run.

If you have never gone running before I suggest working up to it or just stay in your backyard

and do some exercises for example I do squats, star jumps, crunches, push ups and planking.

If your kids are young enough use them as your weights and they will love to get involved!

If you are not an exercise person or want to ease into it I suggest to start doing small exercises

while watching Cartoons with the kids.

A great thing to do on a weekend is take the kids to the park and play a game or sport they love as

well as yourself, so the kids and mum are getting a workout. For example soccer, football or

in my case sometimes it’s just chasing each other around the playground.


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